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I am Maitray Mehta, a professional video editor and visual promotions artist. I specialize in creating trailers and teasers for films and web shows. I am also an independent short film director. I work with Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe assets to bring my creative vision to life. My ultimate goal is to become a filmmaker and create compelling stories that inspire and entertain audiences.

I use high-end cinema cameras like the Sony FS7 and RED Scarlet-W to capture stunning visuals that tell a story. I also have DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark IV for smaller productions and personal projects. For action-packed scenes, I use a GoPro Hero7 Black.

I use a range of monitors to ensure accurate color grading and sharpness. The SmallHD 702 Bright is my go-to for outdoor shoots, while the Atomos Ninja V is perfect for HDR monitoring. For editing on-the-go, I use the ASUS ZenScreen.

I have a collection of high-quality lenses that allow me to achieve various creative looks. My favorite lenses are the Sigma Art series and Canon L-series. I also have accessories like tripods, sliders, and gimbals to add motion and stability to my shots.

I always carry extra batteries and memory cards to ensure uninterrupted shooting. I use the Anton Bauer Cine series batteries for my cinema cameras and the Watson Pro for my DSLRs. For data transfer, I use the SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards and G-Technology hard drives.

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